Why You Should Consider CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting in New Providence NJ the premier location
If you’ve struggled to reach your goal weight even after switching up your
routine and diet, then it may be time for an alternative route. CoolSculpting
offers results without damaging the nerves, vessels, muscles, or skin to get
rid of that stubborn fat. This body-contouring method is making waves
among the world of aesthetics.
The General Process
The process of coolsculpting uses a handheld device to freeze and destroy
fat from below the surface of the skin. The procedure is best for working with
stubborn fat, especially when you’ve plateaued even with changing your
everyday regime.
Before the procedure begins, you will need to have a protective gel pad
placed on the treatment area for an extra barrier layer. Once the device
starts to go to work, it will feel more like pressure on the body rather than
Like most procedures, there are risks to acquiring treatment like redness,
swelling, tenderness, bruising, and slight cramping. Most of these symptoms
are common post-procedure, and only if they persist, should they be a cause
of concern. Consult your physician to ensure that you’re ready to receive this
The Recovery Period
The results vary from client to client as not everyone’s body is going to react
the same way to the procedure. Coolsculpting doesn’t require any
anesthesia, incisions, or anything of the sort, unlike invasive liposuction
The key to having your results last for an extended period is to follow it with
a change in lifestyle, including diet and exercise. After a few treatments of
thirty to sixty minutes, you will have newly sculpted portions of your body.
The beauty in receiving a coolsculpting treatment is that there is no
downtime following the procedure, and it allows patients to continue about
their routine without interruption. The results can begin to show within weeks
for some patients, and others may take around three months to see a
noticeable difference.
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