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Your eyebrows define and shape your face, and if they’re not looking their best, it can detract from even the most beautiful face. At About Face by Luminous, in New Providence, New Jersey, medical director, Dr. Richard Maggio, MD, understands how important it is for people to feel good about themselves, and his technicians are highly skilled in the art of creating custom eyebrows using microblading techniques. Find out how to restore your eyebrows and give your face the wow factor by calling About Face by Luminous today, or book an appointment online.

Microblading Q & A

What is microblading?

Microblading is an aesthetic treatment that involves using a tattooing technique to create permanent or semi-permanent eyebrows. This cosmetic tattooing technique is also known as:

  • Permanent cosmetics
  • Micropigmentation
  • Dermal implantation
  • Microstroking
  • Eyebrow embroidery
  • Eyebrow feathering
  • Long-time or long-lasting makeup

Many women find it difficult or fiddly to pencil in their brows each day, or their pencil lines wear off as the day progresses. This is a particular issue if you have thin, overplucked eyebrows or have lost your eyebrows because of a health problem.

A skilled microblading technician, like those at About Face by Luminous, can add a few hair strokes to fill out thin eyebrows, or recreate a complete set of new brows, depending on your wishes.

What happens at a microblading consultation?

The first step is to decide on the design you’d like for your new brows. It’s vital that both you and your technician are clear about the results you’re looking for and what is achievable.

Once you’re both happy with the design, your technician cleans your skin, and if you wish they can apply a topical anesthetic cream. Your technician then draws the new eyebrow design onto your face with a sterilized pencil.

To begin the tattooing process, your technician uses a single-use configuration of needles that they place into the tattooing device. They start the microblading process, asking for feedback at intervals to ensure you’re happy with the way your new eyebrows are taking shape.

At the end of your microblading session, your technician gives you aftercare instructions. You should take care to avoid any products that could cause a skin reaction, as detailed in your aftercare advice, and use the recommended moisturizers. After one or two months, you return to the clinic for a checkup to see how well the tattoos are healing and whether you need any additional touch-ups.

Is microblading permanent?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, so in essence, the results are permanent. All tattoos fade over the years, and as there’s very little pigment in microbladed eyebrows, the effects may start to diminish over time. However, you should approach microblading as you would any other form of tattooing, as a permanent change to your skin.

If you’re tired of trying to make your sparse or non-existent eyebrows look fuller, microblading is well worth considering. Call About Face by Luminous today to find out more, or book an appointment online.